So you have chosen or considering Blake Hall as your perfect Wedding Venue! Superb choice!

Blake Hall Wedding DJ

Very quickly allow me to introduce myself. My name is Dan, a Specialist Wedding DJ and recommended supplier to the stunning Blake Hall Wedding Venue. I want to share with you as an industry professional, 5 tips / reasons why I love the venue and LOVE being a Blake Hall Wedding DJ

Let’s get started…..

1. Less is so much more!

Lets start with a biggie shall we! At Blake Hall the Wedding DJ area is positioned at the rear of the barn facing side on. This maximises the amount of dancing feet you can fit on the dance floor. Being side on means the DJ is less of a focal point so spending many hundreds on the biggest flashy DJ setups isn’t really that important. My advice is to go more minimal and classy and not over power what is certainly one of the most impressive barns around.

2. Music inside (outside too)

In the summer months every venue heats up. Us Wedding DJs spend our weekend’s melting, its a fact of life but lets face it we wouldn’t have it any other way. Blake Hall though with its large barn doors seems to keep cool far better than most venues. Here is the big plus though…. With the Wedding DJ facing side on it means that the music flows out into the gardens. On many occasions I have had guests dancing on the courtyard as the sun goes down. Such an unexpected moment for guests to remember.

3. Dance Floor Included!

These days everyone wants a twinkly dance floor. In some venues they really look fantastic and improve the room for the evening but at Blake Hall this really isn’t the case. The venue has its own dance floor area which is buffed and really shines. As a Blake Hall Wedding DJ I love how the DJ Booth and lighting reflect off the pristine floor. My advice, save your budget and use it elsewhere OR maybe a spa weekend to ease the wedding planning stresses?

Free "Up Lighting" with every booking!

I like to use up lights around the dance floor area to really emphasise the gorgeous old beams of the barn. I include FREE up lighting with all bookings at Blake Hall as a preferred supplier to the venue 🙂

4. Early Morning Set Up

With the dance floor area being situated away from the wedding breakfast area this means that your Wedding DJ can get set up in the morning before guests arrive. Hands up, Ill admit that the first time I was booked to DJ at Blake Hall (4 years ago) I arrived to set up later in the day and this is a big no no. The last thing you will want while you are having your meal is a DJ lumping their speakers and poles into the venue…talk about ruining the magic!

FREE Early Morning Set Up!

Have your Blake Hall Wedding DJ set up in the morning, in my view this is essential. I include a FREE  early morning setup on the wedding day with all bookings at Blake Hall as standard. This will ensure zero delays to your wedding party.

5. Trust Austin

Ok so without going too over the top one of Blake Halls biggest assets is Austin and his team. Ive been a Wedding DJ for many years and have performed at tons of venues with countless venue managers however there is, and will only ever be one Austin. These days venues are filled with hot shot managers fresh out of hospitality school and thats great except you cannot teach what Austin has got. If you choose Blake Hall as your wedding venue you  can expect a wealth of experience in the wedding industry and the warmest of welcomes from Austin, Dave and the entire Blake Hall Wedding Team.

Do I recommend Blake Hall - Absolutely!!

So there you have it! 5 Tips & Reasons why I LOVE being a Blake Hall Wedding DJ. I could have gone further with ease there are so many plus points to the venue and very few if any negatives. If you are considering Blake Hall as your potential Dream Wedding Venue I would thoroughly recommend!

Happy Wedding Planning!

Hey, Before You Leave 🙂

While I have the opportunity … When the time comes to book your Blake Hall Wedding DJ please do drop me a message. I would love to be your Wedding DJ and provide the perfect finale to your day and a Wedding Party FULL of Energy & Atmosphere!
Drop me a message using the form below. Just let me know your Wedding Date & Venue and I will personally respond with availability and a quote – Including FREE Up Lighting & FREE Early Set Up!
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