If your thinking of having a Garage Wedding DJ or a Garage Section at you Wedding you may also be worried about how your guests will react. Its not the done thing after all and the assumption is that all weddings should be the same and the room should be filled with the sweet sounds of Abba, YMCA….this list goes on. Allow me to inspire you and break free the shackles of the same old, same old BORING weddings disco’s, YES you can have UK Garage at your wedding!

The absolute best weddings are ones where the DJ has taken time to find out the kinds of music, genres and eras special to the couple and their guests. This dosen’t mean that UK garage will be right for every wedding, not at all. If though the bride and groom are 30 and grew up frequenting nightclubs with their friends listening to Kisstory and Garage styles, it stands to reason, evoking memories on thier wedding night can only be a good thing.

Another example and one I try to incorporate lots is to find out the type of music the couple enjoyed as students. A section at the wedding disco playing tracks from the past can go down a storm! Imagine a section form “the student union” or “eros nightclub” (just as an example). Its easy to create a Wedding Disco which is one of a kind, unique and truly amazing!

Any way, back to having UK Garage at your wedding, yes you can and done well, at the right moment, will send the atmosphere through the roof! In a moment ill share with you a selection of guaranteed floor fillers that DO work at weddings. First though its only fair that I share a few sentences about me and how i know all this stuff. I am now a full time Specialist Wedding DJ  (33 years old) I started DJing though in the Garage hay-day at the famous “Gass Club – Liecester Square, London”. This led me to DJ many large nightclub brands all over the country performing with just about every Garage act and DJ.

Lets remember that we are in wedding mode and that your big day needs to be classy and not a rave. Try not to get carried away, I heard once of a couple having whistles and glow sticks as wedding favours (actually that’s pretty cool). I would recommend keeping to 30 minuets of this genre at a maximum and keeping the music happy and vocal. With this in mind here is my Garage Wedding DJ Playlist!

  •  Sweet Female Attitude – Flowers
  • Artfull Dodger – Rewind
  • Daniel beddingfield – Gotta Get Through This
  • Monsterbot – Sorry
  • Sisquo – Thong Song
  • Wideboys – Sambuca
  • Kc & Jo Jo – Tell Me That Its Real
  • Shola Ama – Imagine
  • Jahiem – Just In Case
  • Masters Of Ceremony – Do You Realy Like It
  • So Solid – 21 Seconds
  • N&G – Right Before My Eyes
  • Lonyo – Garage Girls
  • Underdog Project – Summer Jam
  • DJ Luck – Little Bit Of Luck
  • Tina More – Never Gonna Let You Go

So there we have it, proof if ever you needed it that you can have a little touch of Garage at your wedding. If you would like to find out if I may be available for your big day please don’t hesitate to get in touch. The link below will take you to my contact page. Also if you found this interesting please do take a second to comment below and share using the social buttons at the top of the post.

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Happy Planning Wedding Ravers!


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