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My name is Dan a Specialist Wedding DJ and a regular at the Milling Barn wedding Venue. This is my review of the venue based on my experiences as a Milling Barn Wedding DJ … enjoy!

So Milling Barn is based on the outskirts of Buntingford so super local for me. My business, Shoosh Weddings is based in Hertford so just down the road which makes meeting couples leading upto the big day really easy.

I will be a Wedding DJ at Milling Barn around 5 times each year so have got to know the place really well. Milling Barn is a wedding venue with lots of positive points and very few if any negatives, It really is a great location.

Here’s why I really rate the venue 🙂

I love the layout of the venue and the way the space is split into two separate spaces. This really makes a difference and gives a seamless flow to the running of the day and the transition from daytime to evening function.

Let me explain what i mean by this. Far to often at wedding venues after the meal is finished  the guests are left in limbo somewhat while the staff clear away all the tables and turn the room around for the evening. A lot of the time guests have to stay in the same room while tables are moved around…talk about losing the magic. Milling Barn has this covered!

With a separate room (including its own toilets and bar) newlyweds have a lovely space to great evening guests while the DJ and venue staff transform the room ready for the evening. This is a huge plus point for me, your guests will return to the room for the evening and i guarantee you will hear “oooooss” when they see the transformation…well if you book me that is 😉

This year Milling Barn has installed fans in the old barn for the evening to keep the temperature managable through the summer heatwaves. This is a great addition and one of the only barns I can think of with any form of air conditioning. From a Wedding DJs point of view this is great and helps us keep that dance floor full all night.

Another big plus point for me is the venues team who are always welcoming. I have had many really nice experiences DJing Weddings at Milling Barn working alongside the excellent team at the venue. Watching how they deal with couples from the sidelines Its clear that they really do care about the experience being had by the happy couple and guests.

From a Wedding DJ’s point of view Milling Barn really is a gem of a venue and I would thoroughly recommend adding this to to you list of possible locations for your own special day. Whilst I can’t offer too much of an insight into the daytime proceedings. I can absolutely say that with a bit of planning and the right DJ your wedding reception at Milling Barn could be awesome!

Thanks again to the team at Milling Barn for the warm welcome and also thanks to you for reading this little review.

Hope this helps 🙂

If you are searching for your perfect Milling Barn Wedding DJ I would love to hear from you. Please don’t hesitate to drop me a message HERE to check availability and get a super fast quote without obligation.

Happy Wedding Planning


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