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In the county town of Hertfordshire you will find one of the most unique and versatile wedding venues, Hertford Castle! As a Specialist Wedding DJ recommended by the venue I wanted to share with you 3 reasons why Hertford Castle could be the perfect venue for your wedding day!

Hertford's Specialist Wedding DJ

Firstly a few sentences about myself. My name is Dan of Shoosh Weddings based in Hertford … yes I love Hertford it’s no secret 🙂 I am an “Award Winning” Wedding DJ and LOVE doing what I do! I believe that each and every wedding day deserves a show stopping big finish! I deliver the ultimate finale to the day and create memories for awesome couples across Hertfordshire and beyond!

3 Reasons why I love Hertford Castle!

Its a Castle!

Lets get straight to the point….It’s a CASTLE. Now hotels and beautiful old barns are fantastic however there is no denying that there is something really special about a Castle Wedding. Have you been to a Castle Wedding? It is quite a rare thing in truth usually reserved for royalty (cheesy pun incoming) Let me tell you that the fab team at Hertford Castle will roll out the red carpet treatment for your special day.

A wedding invitation to Hertford Castle will really stand out!

Hertford Castle has a fascinating history and has been home to Kings and Queens! The venue is also famed for imprisoning the 6 Knights Templar who were said to be the guardians of the holy grail. Check out the venues history here – Hertford Castle History

A Versatile Venue

One of the biggest plus points for Hertford Castle as a wedding venue is its versatility. The building is a “dry hire” venue meaning that you are not restricted when it comes to food / drink & decor. The castle is yours to create your dream unique wedding. I love that there are multiple rooms to use on the day, spaces to dance, spaces to mingle, spaces to relax.

Hertford Castle allows you to create a truly unique wedding experience.

TIP – When it comes to booking your Wedding DJ it really is a case of “less is more” due to the intimate feel of the interlinking rooms. Don’t be fooled into thinking you need a huge expensive sound system and lighting display. Opt for a subtle DJ setup and lighting to bring out the charm of the room, not overpower it.

A Photographers Dream

If I can snap the images on this post with my iPhone can you imagine what a professional photographer will be able to capture! I have seen some incredible images from weddings with the castle in the background. The venue oozes character and charm, with stunning gardens outside and opulence within.

A Castle Wedding will always be a photographers dream!

Do I recommend Hertford Castle Wedding Venue? ... YES Absolutely!

With its rich history and year round beautiful surroundings Hertford Castle really is a special place. As a Specialist Wedding DJ I have had the pleasure of performing at any many Hertford Castle Weddings over the past few years. The building with its many rooms is a great place for a party and the wedding team here will guide you through getting the most out of your special day.

You can contact the venue via Hertford Castle Weddings or by calling +44 (0) 1992 552 885

Thanks for reading!

I truly hope that this short post is of some help during the hunt for your perfect wedding venue 🙂 When you come to booking your Wedding DJ please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I would LOVE to find out about your special day.

Happy Wedding Planning!

Dan – Shoosh Weddings Hertford – www.shooshweddings.co.uk – Tel 01992 880075

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