So whats it going to be? A Wedding DJ or A Wedding Band?

This is a decision every Bride and Groom have to make when planning the wedding of their dreams. But what what to do? Your wedding party is a once in a lifetime event after all. What if no one dances? What if the singer cant sing? What if the DJ plays Gangnam Style!!!

I am a Specialist Wedding DJ based in Herts and Essex and I’m going to give you the TRUTH about DJ’s and Bands. I am also going to tell you the things that they WONT tell you in their sales pitch!

Lets get straight to the juicy stuff and start with the Wedding Band

2 Good

  • A  Wedding Band Looks Great at a wedding. Sure there may be wires everywhere but the sight of 5 or 6 musicians playing live can only be a good thing.
  • A Wedding Band (should be able) to give you an ultimate first dance. I’m happy to admit that a first dance sang live can be magic and better than one played by a Wedding DJ.

2 Bad

  • A Wedding Band will only play 20 or so tracks throughout the evening limiting the opportunity to entertain the whole room. The band may also be limited to which genres they play.
  • The Wedding Band won’t sell the fact they will do 2 or 3 sets with breaks between. When the band stops the party stops unfortunatley. This for me is the biggest problem when having a Band as Your Weddding entertainment.

Now lets look at the Wedding DJ

2 Good

  • A Wedding DJ should be skilled in reading the crowd and can play double the amount of tracks in the time as a band. This means that more of your guests will get to hear their requests. It also means that the DJ can mix their way through many genres and really control the atmosphere rather than being bound by a small set list.
  • Your Wedding DJ will perform all night without taking a break. Unlike a Wedding Band with a DJ the entertainment is constant and should never get stale.

2 Bad

  • The Wedding DJ may not look quite as impressive as a Wedding Band however some of today’s setups look outstanding
  • The Wedding Band has the potential to provide a better first dance overall experience.

So I totally understand why couples want to Impress with a Band and at the same time keep the energy and atmosphere you get with a DJ. Whats the answer then?

This is my answer and its absolute dynamite! some may say a K.O combo!

Have a DJ AND A BAND at your once in a life time wedding!

This is an amazing combination at a wedding. The Band and DJ work together to bridge the good and bad points and fill and gaps. Done correctly and DJ and Band Combo is an unstoppable partnership to WOW your guests and make you both look like the megastars you are.

Contact me today to discover how I will make your Wedding Disco one to remember for a life time. I am a full time Wedding DJ based in Hertford and cover Herts, Essex and the UK. Send Dan a message today….Contact Dan @ Shoosh Weddings Today

Happy Wedding Planning!


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What do YOU think? Band / DJ or Both? Leave a comment below 🙂

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