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My name is Dan a Specialist Wedding DJ and Recommended Supplier to couples tying the knott at the brilliant Essendon Country Club. In this short article I am going to share with you 3 reasons why this venue is perfect for an evening party and why I LOVE being an Essendon Country Club Wedding DJ.

**Multi Award Winning Wedding DJ!**

Briefly a sentence or two about me 🙂 My Wedding DJ business “Shoosh Weddings” is based in Hertford super close to Essendon. I provide awesome, award winning Wedding Entertainment to the leading venues across Essex and Hertfordshire. My mantra is that every great show needs an epic finale. Here are three reasons why YOU should consider Essendon Country Club as the perfect setting for your perfect party!

Size Matters

Essendon is the perfect size for your wedding regardless of how many guests you have on the invite list. The venue is vast yet easy to fill the dance floor. I love how the space is planned so that the Wedding DJ is positioned side on in the centre of the barn. So many venues have the Wedding DJ at the far end of a long room. This can make the long walk to the dance floor a little daunting for some more shy guests… Not at Essendon though, guests mingle around the dance floor making the DJ’s job so much easier! Oh and the bar is super close to the dance floor also, perfect!

Morning Set Up

The luxury of a morning set up is quite rare. Essendon has a great space for the DJ away from the wedding breakfast. Whats that got to do with a party I hear you ask? Well picture the scene… The wedding breakfast is all finished and the speeches have gone down a storm. What happens next can be one of two things.

Option 1

There is a long break of an hour or more while the DJ lumps in his or her equipment through the venue. Nothing spoils the magic more than a DJ weaving speakers and metal poles through guests. Should the weather be bad the DJ will bring the elements into the wedding also while unloading.

Option 2

Your amazing Wedding DJ will arrive at Essendon early in the morning and get everything set up before you arrive. The benefit here is that there is no lengthy delay and intrusive set up periods. Your DJ can get background music on super fast ahead of your evening guest arrivals and first dance.

Start With A Bang!

When you book your big day at Essendon not only do you get a super cool wedding venue, you also get a super cool wedding team! Its no secret that Jo and the team openly welcome the use of confetti cannons over the dance floor for the first dance 🙂 This is literally unheard of these days and the vast majority of venues will say no to confetti….party poopers! With this great added spectacular in mind I off ALL couples who book me for their wedding a FREE professional confetti blast over the dance floor for either the first dance or the final song of the evening.

"Free early setup & Free confetti blast - Just mention this article!"

So there you have it, just a few reasons why Essendon Country Club is one of the best Wedding Venues in Hertfordshire when it comes to your epic evening reception! From the view of a Wedding DJ Essendon really is a perfect place, certainly one of my personal favourites which I fully recommend.

Happy Wedding Planning! - Dan 🙂

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