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I just had to write a piece about last weekends Wedding at Down Hall….”My Wedding Of The Month” for August! What follows is a genuine account of what turned out to be an AMAZING Wedding. As a Specialist Wedding DJ, Down Hall is one of my favourite venues to perform at so yes, I am a little biest 🙂 I am confident though that this article will inspire, give you some “Pro Tips” and the inside scoop to help plan your perfect wedding at Down Hall in Essex.

Firstly a few words about me. My name is Dan and I am a Specialist Wedding DJ based in Bengeo near Hertford. I set up my business some years ago “Shoosh Weddings” and am priviliged to DJ at many many Weddings each year at the leading Wedding Venues across Herts, Essex and throughout the UK. I truly love what I do.

I arrive at Down Hall, Its a Sunday afternoon and the sun is shining. As you drive toward the main building the grandeur hits you….This is a stunning place and very very few can challenge its grand beauty. Its a big venue which looks and feels exclusive and luxurious!

I make my was as usual to the side door of the Ballroom out of sight from the guests as the Toastmaster announces the speeches. Down Hall is a Wedding DJ’s dream when is comes to setting up thanks to a handy access door directly onto the dancefloor. Why am I boring you telling you about a side door I hear you ponder?

TIP….this means a super fast setup and room turnaround after the Wedding Breakfast. I am able to be set up and ready to go within 45 minutes giving you the maximum evening time possible. When choosing a Wedding DJ for Down Hall always ask how long they need to set up.

The Ballroom is absolutely Jaw Dropping! For this Wedding our happy couple opted for my Stunning White Setup with White Booth & White Speakers. We also had an amazing LED Starlit Backdrop and Dancefloor for added WOW factor and LED Uplighting on all 8 pillars along the length of the Ballroom.

TIP….Down Hall has is own geniusly hidden dancefloor which will save you £££ if an LED dancefloor is not an option budget wise. The venue is beautiful with or without all the extra possibilities.

The room is set, and we are ready to begin and get the evening party going!

Down Hall have two recommended Toastmasters “Mark & Andrew” both of whom do a fantastic job organising proceedings and keeping everything on schedual – I highly recommend both guys, they are brilliant. Between myself and Andrew we plan a big entrance for our newley married couple. We welcome and invite guests around the edge of the dancefloor and they give a huge cheer as the stars of the show enter the room!

Adam & Michelle enter the room and cheer-o-meter is off the scale. They really did have a perfect crowd of freinds and family and the atmosphere was electric. Mr & Mrs Kent (who were lovely, lovely people by the way) made thier way to the twinkling dance floor and after a count down, cut the wedding cake together.

The Down Hall Wedding Venue staff then carefully move the cake (all 4 tiers of it) to the side and Toastmaster Andrew welcomes our two happy love birds to take their first dance together as husband and wife. The first dance track was “Ed Sheeran – Thinking Out Loud” and as a twist was performed LIVE by “Dan” (not me another Dan) a very talented acoustic singer who also performed during the daytime.

Needless to say there was a lot of love in the room and I take over the microphone and invite everyone to give them a big round of applause.

I mentioned the staff, Its worth another mention as they are all really nice, warm and welcoming. There is a genuine mix of professionalism and a happy desire to go the extra mile. Down Hall is definitely not a conveyor belt venue and they appear to really enjoy interacting and helping guests have the best possible experience. The Wedding Planner overseeing the function was Laura who I have worked with in the past. She along with Anna and the whole Wedding team are ace and a pleasure to work alongside.

The evening play list was “there isnt one” and the brief was to simply entertain….which I was more than happy to do. I played a range of music genres and mixed my way through countless classic tracks, past and present. Highlights musically for me I would say were many but three moments stand out. The groom dancing to an Indie section I played with “A Town Called Malice – Mr Brightside – Chelsea Dagger”. The Bride really enjoying a “Kisstory & Garage” section. And finally seeing what was proberbly the longest “Conga Train” of the year so far (you are never too cool for a cheesy 10 mins).

Such an incredible evening being the Wedding DJ at Down Hall, I just know the photos are going to be amazing. Ohhh I almost forgot to mention the photographer and good friend Patrick of PatrickPhotographer.com. Of all the many great photographers I get to work with Patric is my number one choice when recommending to my couples. There is never a bad word to be said about his work people love him and I totally get why he is in such high demand.

TIP….Check out Patrick Photographer if you are looking for an awesome Down Hall Wedding Photographer.

Thank you Mr & Mrs Kent for having me as your Down Hall Wedding DJ, your Wedding was Incredible!


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