Looking for a show stopping wedding reception? An All WHITE Wedding Disco could add extra WOW to your evening enterainment!

Without a doubt my most successful package this year has been my Stunning Ultimate White Disco Package. I meet with lots of coules every month and one factor high on their list is for their wedding to be different and unique. Considering a Specialist Wedding DJ with a White Setup could enhance your evening in a number of ways!

1. Having White DJ Booth and White Sound System looks very much different from the expected normal Black version. Of course there is nothing wrong with a Black Starlit DJ Booth, I have one also and its extremely popular. A Black setup is super cool where as a White Disco Booth setup is uber stylish and elegant.

2. White equiptment tends to suit wenning venues and colour schemes far better than Black. Try to picture the White Booth in your chosen venue and how lovely it will look alongside other colours you are looking to incorporate into your big day. If you are using uplighting in the room the White Booth can also be lit to match. Think of the White DJ Booth as a versitile canvas it can be any colour you choose.

3. White looks good by day AND by night. If your venue has the luxury of being able to have the DJ set up in the morning then a White Disco Setup may be a better option. The reason for this is simply that a Black DJ Booth, Sound and Light will by its nature look out of place duing the daytime wedding breakfast. As you can see the White DJ Setup looks great and far intrusive. During the daytime proceedings the top table and happy couple should be center stage. Any DJ equiptment shoud blend in and be a subtle as possibe.

But its expensive right?

Wrong! This is just my opinion guys and girls based on my own prices, other operators may have a different view. I believe that you should expect to pay £50-£100 extra for an All White Disco Package. The reason for the increase in price is simply due to upkeep of the whiteness. A Black DJ Booth will only be needed to be cleaned every now and again however a White Booth will need to be replaced every 5 weddings.

I hope that you have found this post helpfull. Please feel free to get in touch and ask my about the White Package in your chosen venue. Ill be happy to share my experiences and also give you prices and availability.

Happy Wedding Planning!


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