Frequently Asked Questions

What is your Shoosh Weddings Guarantee?

The Shoosh Weddings Guarantee provides peace of mind that you have chosen a Professional Wedding DJ who knows what it takes to make your wedding reception a success. My guarantee covers you for the biggest worries couples have regarding booking a Wedding DJ. If I cannot deliver any of the following I will refund the amount of the fee you see fit. This is my personal guarantee to you.

  1. People will dance! Newlywed’s biggest worry is that their guests won’t dance. I will work with you to ensure the music is perfect for your guests in advance. I have the ability to get people on the dancefloor.
  2. I will play your kind of music. All pre requested track WILL be played. I will also be sure to avoid any “must not play” pre-selected choices on the night.
  3. I will arrive on time as agreed ready to set up at the time specified.
  4. I will be smartly dressed (Shirt, Jacket and Trousers – Suitable for a wedding)

If you have a worry regarding booking a Wedding DJ please dont hesitate to get in touch and I will be on hand to help prior to booking without any obligation.

My sole aim is to take all the stress, worry and unknown out of the task of finding your Wedding DJ 🙂

Do You Attend Wedding Shows?

Its very rare for me to have a stand at a wedding show or fayre. Around 85% of bookings come through word of mouth and venue referrals. I do attend and support open evenings at venues where i am the preferred DJ such as Ponsbourne Park, Dyrham Park, Coltsfoot Country Retreat & Capel Manor Gardens. Why not arrange a meeting with myself and i’ll bring the wedding show info to you. To discuss your dream wedding without obligation call or email me today using the form to the right or Click Here. I am full time and always aim to respond within the hour.

What Music Do You Play?

I can play a wide variety for styles and genres. This is key as all weddings are different and ill be keen to know whats “your” kind of music. From there ill know what to focus on and build from there. I like to list lots of possible genres and invite you to say yes or no instinctivly. Together we will build an amazing mix of music, special to you and your guests!

Possible styles / segments of your night may be…. Oldies 50’s/60’s , 70’s Disco, 80s Classics, Soul & Mowtown, 90’s Dance, Pop / Chart, Club Classics, Kisstory, Indie / Rock, Club / House, Garage ohhh and of course the option of a Cheesy section!

Do You Have Lights?

Yes I do, and great ones at that. All my packages come with the latest Wizzard Rush intelligent lighting units perfect for a wedding reception!

What Will You Wear?

I always dress smart with a ironed shirt, trousers and jacket. Also I can wear a tuxedo if requested.

Do You Require A Deposit?

Yes, to fully secure the date I require a minimum deposit of £50. This is naturally non refundable should you cancel.

What Happens If You Are Ill And Cant Attend?

I have never NOT been able to attend a wedding however I do have provisions in place for highly skilled DJ’s to step in just incase. I must stress though this has never happened before. I am extremely reliable and understand the importance of your once in a life time party!

Will You Provide A Contract?

Yes certainly. I always provide full receipts for payment which can be made to my business bank account. I am a registered  UK business and being is a Wedding DJ is my full time occupation.

Whats Public Liability Insurance? & Do You Have It?

Public Liability Insurance or PLI is an absolute must for DJs and its surprising just how many DJs dont have it (and your safty) covered. All leading venues will require documents from suppliers to show that they have insurance. I carry the full £10,000,000 cover for your peace of mind and always ensure your venue have copies of my documentation. If you book a DJ with anything less he or she may be refused entry to the buliding on your wedding day. This sounds far fetched but its a regular occurance so please do bear in mind.

Whats PAT Tested Equiptment?

Pat tested equiptment is also required by many venues. All my electrical equiptment is tested for saftey each year and I carry all documentation to support this.

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